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Designing Square One - Leonyte Biosystems


Leonyte is a Berlin-based biotech-startup creating a food-safety testing device that will make the world a safer place. Their main focus is to detect specific strains of salmonella in real-time. Starting off with a patent and a vision for a consumer device, Leonyte hired me as an industrial and product designer in 2017. We were a close-knit team of engineers, biologists, business professionals, and electrical engineers.

My role was to gather all critical information from all departments and mold it into functioning hardware prototypes, semi-functioning prototypes for usability testing, highly detailed setups for scientific experiments with magnetic fields and tiny microfluidic devices. Most of our prototyping was done with a high definition SLA printer, which I kept running 24/7. In the beginning, I created Leonytes´CI and website, with a complete style guide, to put us on the map of the world. Also, I created high fidelity prototypes of user interfaces from scratch that were synchronized with our physical prototype.


engineering & SLA printing

high precision prototypes

designing & visualizing

microfluidic devices

visualizing abstract

bacteria interactions

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