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Artificial Pancreas ?

Diabetes is a condition that requires you check yourself 24/7 - for the rest of your life. You need to log every gram of carbs you eat and supply your body the insulin it needs, usually with needles. Diabetics have to wake up 2-4 times a night to balance their blood sugar, or otherwise risk to die in their sleep. What it´s really like to have T1 diabetes is beautifully explained by one of the inventors of the Artificial Pancreas, Dana Lewis. The invention of "closed or hybrid loop systems" is one of the most profound revolutions for diabetics in the 21st century.


Why we need AIME

• Users that are on a hybrid or closed loop most wish they had less devices to carry around. AIME is a concept with a wearable. AIME POD measures blood glucose, body activity and cortisol, a stress hormone and supplies insulin. 

• Apps for blood sugar management all look very technical and often overwhelm with information. AIME is technical, but sleek if you want to. 

• AIME harvests external data to better understand the patient´s individual condition. What triggers lead to good or bad blood glucose patterns?




Stats & Triggers
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